Jakob at start with WCR

Ready to hit the road 😉

6:15 in the morning start to another bike ride with the WCR, all looked well and as usual the guys speed of like being chase by some Cheetahs 😉 But no problem I eaten my Banana, so I manage to stay with the group until about km 60 when my damn chain derailed again. Now I ride mountain bikes for years, then this EPS (Electronic Power Shift) from Campagnolo should be very accurate, but it happen again. This time it derailed towards the frame, not only did it damage the frame but it got stuck so bad I hardly could remove it. It took me some time to untangle the mess and get started again, as you may already assume, my hands where black covered with grease and the guys where gone 🙁  After that no further incidents, so I got back on my own. I guess I have to see Colin again…


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