Our story!

Lingga’s view!

Here I go again… moving to a new continent and to an even smaller apartment.  So I put many items on eBay to sell while I was still in Singapore.  As I spent  quite some time online answering questions from potential buyers, I might as well advertise myself  on match.com to kick start my social life in a new country.  :-)))

…..  this gorgeous Swiss man claimed he likes to run, ever lived in Asia and US, and cook….. sounds great!  I ran marathon before……  then in between emailing through match.com website he found my email through eBay!!  Hmmm…… is he safe to be around with ?  He found my email without me giving it to him!!!   I should just move on…

One day in 2010, after watching Eat, Love, and Pray, my girlfriends and I were just walking in the city at Steinteinvorstadt.  Then I saw him…our eyes crossed…and he smiled and he looked very happy….

So…I gave a ‘try’ and the result ….


Ich träume von Dir!

Ich denke an Dich!

Ich freue mich auf Dich!

Ich liebe dich!

Jakob’s view!

My story with Lingga started back in 2008 when I was searching for the perfect woman to share my life with…

as I stumbled over this foto in the internet…

my mind just went crazy. She is the one I thought!!!

In the beginning, it was a very hard and energy consuming task to first track her down, as I didn’t have a subscription to the service (MSN for wohm still can remember), then to get in touch with her (took a lot of hacking skills . It took me two years, till I could convince her that I’m not a bad guy. For me the beginning of our relationship was, when I saw her again walking with her friends in the city (Steinenvorstadt, Basel) on the 17th October 2010. Our sight and smiles crossed. It felt soooo good… since then we go strong.