My twelfth Marathon in 3:01:03… okay, okay just read on ūüėČ


This was a fun Marathon… starting at Midnight on the 26th October 2013. Now just to clarify, this Marathon had the exact same distance 42.195 km / 26.22 miles as any other Marathon. However, there was some help indeed, as the time changes on the 27th October from summer to winter (3 o’clock becomes 2 o’clock) there was a saving for us runners of 1 hour. Nevertheless, this was great fun, and I will continue to practice so one day I will¬†achieve¬†this time on my own.

Total distance: 41137 m
Max elevation: 549 m
Min elevation: 534 m
Total climbing: 215 m
Total descent: -207 m
Average speed: 5.53 min/km
Total time: 04:02:10