TNF100 Singapore 50k…

TNF100 Singapore 50k…

medal of TNF Time medal of TNF

OK, this was my second Ultra-Marathon with a little more than just the 805 meters from the Craze Ultra I did 3 weeks ago. So the verdict is, 7.805 km are to your legs like running a Marathon all over again 😉 IT WAS LONG… But as you can see I didn’t lose the good spirit, overall it was a great run. I do like the idea from the Craze Ultra that we started in to the night, the temperature is much more bearable compare when you have to start at 7:00 and you running right towards the heat.

A little note on the side: the organisation was more than questionable, starting on the event where you got your BIB, there was a big sell of TNF stuff… now you guess it… hardly any running stuff, no SHORT running tights 🙁 BUT YES tonnes of winter jackets, caps, scarves and gloves. What the heck did they just flown this guy in from Alaska??? Just unbelievable. Then they changed the flag off time on a very short notice , and like that is not enough several chips where multifunctional. Of course I was one of the victims as well, I to have to say they did a great job with recovering all the times, so I guess shit happens.

As usual the helper were very helpful and attentive, THANK YOU GUYS!

Looking forward to next year, however not sure yet if I will go for the 100k 😉


2014-10-11 13.01.42 HDR (Large)-min.jpg


Total distance: 48358 m
Max elevation: 56 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 840 m
Total descent: -845 m
Average speed: 7.09 min/km
Total time: 05:58:51
Craze Ultra 43k, my first Ultra-Marathon…

Craze Ultra 43k, my first Ultra-Marathon…



This was my first Ultra-Marathon, with 43 km only 805 meters more. However, your brain and mostly your legs are so used to the 42.195 that they need some talking to convincing them that they d o have to continue 😉 

Now I know I can do it, ready for the 50 km TNF run…

As the start was in the evening 19:00 the heat wasn’t a problem, and the heavy rain at the end was kind of nice as it felt like a warm shower.


The timer on the photo was started 12:03 hours earlier for the 160 km runners, YES that’s right 160 km… so plus the time it took them to drag me back there equals my finishing time.

And yes, I’m now certified 43% nuts, like you didn’t know that already 😉 I will try to top that at next years race, next step will be 78%, let’s see if I eventually make it to 160% that really would be mind blowing…


Total distance: 44512 m
Max elevation: 46 m
Min elevation: -37 m
Total climbing: 453 m
Total descent: -494 m
Average speed: 6.16 min/km
Total time: 04:48:55